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Chris Reuter

03/21/2022, 9:34 PM
Hey all! Some events going on this week - including one in person - if you're interested in attending! ā€¢ Going to Data Council or live in Austin, TX? We're taking the Pizza Patrol to Austin! Come join us Tuesday night 8p-10p Central for some free pizza at The Onion. Address is 408 Brazos Street, more info on the Meetup or Twitter. ā€¢ Tuesday at 1p Eastern @Kalise Richmond is hosting our first bi-weekly demo. This is a beginner demo of Prefect for people new to orchestration, or if you want to learn more about Prefect concepts. All are welcome, you can sign up here! ā€¢ Finally, @Kevin Kho will be the STAR šŸŒ  of PrefectLive this week. Come join us on Twitch at 3p Eastern on Wednesday.
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