hey all! I recently wrote something with Ville Tuu...
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hey all! I recently wrote something with Ville Tuulos (metaflow/outerbounds) about the maturity of the MLOps stack(s). Would be very interested in any feedback! https://www.oreilly.com/radar/mlops-and-devops-why-data-makes-it-different/
marvin 6
Hi Hugo! Thank you very much for sharing, I found this article really nice written. I have a question for you though - how do you think it fits DataOps? At the beginning you discussed that we don't yet have a canonical infrastructure stack. At a very high level abstraction, I think we implicitly have an idea about it - the requirements are to make it reproducible and therefore to track and log what is happening the whole cycle and there are plenty of tools who can help us with that. What I see as great value in your article is to explain this difference from software projects and why it is so complex. It nicely broke down and brought focus to each aspect. It is a valuable article for me and I wish something like this was written sooner. 👍🦾