Hello! How do I access the string value in a Param...
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Hello! How do I access the string value in a Parameter object? I'm passing a string Parameter to a flow throw the CLI as 
prefect run --watch --id flowId --param strparam="paramValue"
 . Then in the flow.py file, I am initializing outside the flow 
strparam = Parameter("strparam", default "hello")
  but I'm unable to access 
 . Prefect only sees this 
<Parameter: strparam>
I saw that Amanda answered in the community. I'll mark it as checked. For the next time @Apoorva Desai, it's enough to post only in one Slack channel 🙂 we'll get back to you as soon as we can and we check all channels regularly so there's no benefit posting twice in multiple channels. If you have to choose between the two, it's better to post in #prefect-community as you get more reach there and this is the intended one for support questions. Random is more for random questions, puns, memes, etc. As the name suggests: "Life, the Universe and Everything" 😉
That makes sense! Sorry for the spam 🙂
it's not a problem at all, there are some communities where almost nobody responds so posting in multiple channels there increases your chance of getting some response 😄 but at Prefect we check all channels frequently so one post is enough 👍
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