Does anyone have any recommendations for Sublime T...
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Does anyone have any recommendations for Sublime Text package plugins relevant to Python. I only have python-black installed at the moment.
sorry, I’m a Pycharm user
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I moved from Sublime to VScode and never looked back 😅
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Sublime is built on Python fortunately. So using Sublime’s
Package Control
will let you install Python linters etc and let you point to specific python installations. I moved from SublimeText to Emacs years ago and never looked back though.
@Andrew Huang i hope you are using package control for sublime, if not you can try that for installing the rest of the packages. Few packages for python i’d suggest are: • AutoPEP8Jedi - for autocompletion OR tabnine - (I have used jedi with VS code though 😅) other good to have python packages irrespective of text editor plugins are: • isort - sorting imports • Interrogate - for docstring coverage • flake8
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I usually bundle these package configs under pre-commit conifg and live by them 😅
its easy to run all the checks at once.
Thank you for the suggestions! I didn't know about interrogate, but after I posted, I found isort + flake8 too under package control. I'll also try jedi, hopefully it doesn't slow loading too much
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