Good day everyone! I’m Josh, Head of Data at Reify...
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Good day everyone! I’m Josh, Head of Data at Reify Health, and we are hiring across the board in Data. We have multiple roles open for Analytics Leads, Data Engineering Leads, Data Science Leads, Director of Data Products, Mid/Senior Data Analysts, Senior Data Engineers, Senior Data Scientists, and Senior Machine Learning Engineers (did I mention we’re hiring a lot now? 🙂). We work in the clinical trials space and are having a major impact around optimizing how existing trials are run and how new studies are planned and orchestrated. We have two divisions, StudyTeam (more software-focused) and Care Access (clinical operations focused) but our Data department supports both in exciting ways. We work with over 5000 research sites internationally, have a decentralized research network/capacity, and have partnerships with many of the major pharma sponsors including Amgen, AstraZeneca, Eli Lilly & Company. We’ve supported on-the-ground COVID studies and our support a lot of other cutting edge research. Some of our recent work in Data is also supporting better representation of underserved populations in clinical care. It’s an exciting time of growth in a well-funded company (we had a Series C not too long ago with a $2.2 bn valuation) and your work will have a major impact on the future of clinical trials. Also we use Prefect in our Data Engineering division 🙂 Learn more here or reach out! See our current Data openings here:
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