Hi guys, looking for a fully remote Kubernetes / D...
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Hi guys, looking for a fully remote Kubernetes / Data Engineer to work together with (mostly) me on health data for a fasting clinic located in Germany. I've joined bc. it's a small company and it's basically tabula rasa, meaning we have almost total control of what we want to build and what to make out of the data. Really interesting healthcare data and they are industry leaders in the area of fasting science (100+ years experience). I'm working at buchinger-wilhelmi.com So what's the plan? • Extracting old terrible SQL databases into a nice PSQL/Elasticsearch Kubernetes Cluster using Prefect • Running the Kubernetes Cluster without losing sensitive medical data, especially with special attention to german healthcare laws (== strict) • Using that data to apply ML and Data Science to build dashboards, create statistics for the research department, an app they are going to publish I will mostly focus on the ETL & ML/DS part, meaning your main area would actually be Kubernetes/SysAdministration, but Prefect/ETL as well. Meaning this position would be perfect for a Kubernetes SysAdmin planning to dive into ETL/Prefect Your tech stack should be: • Kubernetes ++ • SysAdmin ++ • Python + • ETL + • Prefect + • Experience with healthcare data & laws Your benefits: • We are a small team that can basically build anything... Meaning if you have a good idea chances are really high that you can apply/create it • Fully remote • Flexible Working hours • Payment according to German market value Shoot me a mail at justin.guese@buchinger-wilhelmi.com if you are having questions, or let's just have a quick chat 😉
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Hey Justin, WDYM by
Payment according to German market value
we'll pay you in beer and white sausages 😛 just joking, will message you privately 😉