Hi all! Paidy is the leading post-pay provider in...
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Hi all! Paidy is the leading post-pay provider in Japan 🇯🇵! We help folks shop online more safely and pay back at their own convenience. We have a few open positions in the Risk & Analytics department: Data Science Engineer: https://boards.greenhouse.io/paidyinc/jobs/4481636003 <-- I’m the hiring manager for this one We are looking for an engineering-minded person to help our data scientists build out their projects. Our stack includes PostgreSQL, Prefect, AWS, Terraform, and more, and we are looking to integrate Spark into our workflows. If you have questions on this position let me know. My colleagues also have the following positions open: Data Scientist (Marketing Analytics): https://boards.greenhouse.io/paidyinc/jobs/4479824003 Senior Data Scientist (Risk Management): https://boards.greenhouse.io/paidyinc/jobs/4428069003 Risk Engineer (Scala): https://boards.greenhouse.io/paidyinc/jobs/4425689003 (No Prefect in the stack yet, but hey Scala is cool too) A few quick FAQs • Remote work as well as relocation support (we are located in Tokyo) is available. • The organization is very culturally diverse (for Japan) with almost half of the company being non-Japanese. • You do NOT need Japanese for any of the positions advertised but it’s awesome if you do. If you have any questions feel free to get in touch.
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