Hello Prefect folks, we're hiring a Machine Learni...
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Hello Prefect folks, we're hiring a Machine Learning Engineer to help us take our work on clinical data science in healthcare to the next level. We were a pioneer and very early adopter of Prefect Cloud (October 2019) for our machine learning pipeline built on Dask & Prefect, running in AWS. We regularly spin up clusters with 50+ Dask workers to run ML experiments for models that support keeping patients healthy at our large health system clients. We have a very modern tech stack (Python/Dask/Prefect/Redshift/dbt/Looker) and a collaborative culture. Our team is based in Pittsburgh (near Carnegie Mellon) and California (near Berkeley/Stanford) but we're open to remote (in the US) for outstanding candidates. Apply here or feel free to Slack me directly with any questions! https://boards.greenhouse.io/symphonyrm/jobs/4061815004
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