# find-a-prefect-job

Danielle Dalton

05/21/2021, 6:38 PM
Hi 👋 , I'm on the Data Engineering team at Rent the Runway 👗🥻👚. We're looking to add both a Senior Data Engineer and a Data Engineer (can be a recent grad, from a bootcamp, or a different background) to our team this summer. While we're currently remote, we'll be based in DUMBO (in Brooklyn, NY) and have a flexible WFH policy (though we'll be in the office some days -- personally I look forward to having lunch with the team again!). It's a super fun team and you'll have the chance to support our ~30 person data team! Our tech stack consists of Prefect (of course!), dbt, great expectations, and Snowflake, among some other homegrown tooling. Feel free to apply here: (Note that although the non-senior role isn't posted yet, you can also apply via the same link).
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