:wave: hey folks, we over at Coiled are a great op...
# find-a-prefect-job
πŸ‘‹ hey folks, we over at Coiled are a great option for scaling your Prefect flows in the cloud -- and we're also looking to grow our team! Coiled connects data scientists and researchers to distributed infrastructure using the Python data science stack (Numpy, Pandas, Scikit-Learn, etc) and Dask, a popular open source library for parallel analytics (and part of what makes Prefect so awesome, too!) Specifically searching for a cloud infrastructure engineer (https://coiled.io/jobs/#cloudinfrastructureengineer) and marketing designer (https://coiled.io/jobs/#marketingdesigner), and always on the look out for product engineers (https://coiled.io/jobs/#productengineer). I'd be the hiring manager for the engineering roles and always happy to talk to folks! We're also explicitly looking to broaden the diversity and representation of our team, so if you are a member of a group under-represented in tech, we'd very much welcome your application!
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