12/03/2020, 5:57 PM
Hello fellow prefects 😎, we at ACCURE Battery Intelligence are expanding our team to scale up our platform and keep pace with our increasing number of customers. 🚀 Our cloud-native tech stack comprises prefect, dbt, snowflake, pulumi and looker and we are looking forward to keep a bleeding edge e.g. by starting to use the prefect-great expectations integration 🙂 If you would like to start next year in a young startup at the ❤️ of Europe, take a look at some of our open opportunities: • Senior Data Scientist (m/f/d) • Junior DevOps/Data Engineer (m/f/d) • Senior Marketing Manager (m/f/d) • More to come in the future ... We are looking forward to hearing from you or someone you think would be a good fit to these positions or our startup in general! 🙏 Remote greetings from Cameroon 🇨🇲 Robin
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