Hi there, is there any way to look up arguments f...
# prefect-ui
Hi there, is there any way to look up arguments for the specific task run via Prefect UI? I’m having hard time trying to debug complex flow and having this info would have helped me a lot
I don't know the ideal solution for this, but maybe a last ditch solution would be to log the arguments using prefect's logger? I imagine it would still be a pain if you have plenty of mapping and such, but at least it would definitely be visible from prefect ui.
Hi @Andrew Druchenko! Since Task arguments are often your data, we don’t make any attempt to log, capture, or expose them by default. Doing so in the Prefect Cloud UI, for example, would mean that we had access to your data and would go against the philosophy of our hybrid model (https://docs.prefect.io/orchestration/faq/dataflow.html)
However, Amanda’s suggestion would work perfectly well. You can choose to log anything you’d like with the Prefect logger and I often throw in some additional logs when I’m working on a Flow locally that I remove before registering the Flow with Cloud 😄
@Dylan This makes perfectly valid argument, except that we run our own in-house Prefect installation 🙂 Using logging definitely will make things easier to debug, but in my case this looks like a huge code rewrite effort over a lot of already working flows.