Hi team, I am exploring Prefect cloud and Prefect ...
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Hi team, I am exploring Prefect cloud and Prefect server. I am trying the steps from universal deploy https://cloud.prefect.io/tutorial/Universal-Deploy#universal-deploy to Create an agent token using
prefect auth create-token -n my-runner-token -s RUNNER
I am getting an error
"Error: Auth commands with server are not currently supported."
Also, what is the easiest way to run a sample flow on prefect cloud? I have this flow which i am running using repl.it https://repl.it/@MinakshiChandra/PrefectDemo#main.py and trying to see this flow on prefect cloud
I got to run by using
prefect agent docker start --api <http://localhost:4200>
Hi @Minakshi - welcome to Prefect! Prefect Server doesn't need tokens which is why you are seeing that error. The tutorial is really aimed at helping you get set up on Cloud. One important reminder is that you need to tell the back end if you're using Server or Cloud. So to use that tutorial you'd need to run "prefect backend cloud"
There's a bit more about getting set up in the docs: https://docs.prefect.io/orchestration/tutorial/overview.html#install-prefect
thanks @Jenny, I was able to setup Prefect locally using Prefect server.
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