We want to segregate our customer's flows by putti...
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We want to segregate our customer's flows by putting them each in a project, so we can drill down. We also want to filter out "test" flows from the dashboard so the errors do not show. What's the best way to accomplish this on cloud?
Hi @Eric Sawler - do you mean that you want to move your flows to a different/new project? If so, you can use the projects page in team settings. Can you give a bit more information on how/why you'd like to be able to filter out flows - currently the only filter is by project but it would be useful to know more about your use case as that could factor into future design.
HI @Eric Sawler - my recommendation would be to put all test flows into a project and all production flows into another. For example, you might have a client project
; doing this would let you filter by either your development/test environment or your production environment for a given client.
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So we want to filter out flows that are not production. @nicholas suggestion accomplishes that, but then I'd still like to be able to filter further to drill down to a customer. Nested projects/folders would be awesome. Then I could have: • production ◦ Customer-A ◦ Customer B • test ◦ Customer-A ◦ Customer B
Gotcha @Eric Sawler - would 2 projects per client (e.g. 1 for production and 1 for testing) not enable what you're describing?
No, because I want the default view on the dashboard to be "all production flows" are green.
Or am I missing a filter by pattern option?
No you're correct - we're working on some features that might enable something similar, so stay tuned!