Good afternoon!  Love Prefect and I am so glad it ...
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Good afternoon!  Love Prefect and I am so glad it exists.  I was wondering if there are any plans on upgrading the mobile experience?  It’s not uncommon for me to lookup a Prefect alert while on my mobile phone (ashamedly, I will open my phone when I wake up and check whether there are any failures).  Unfortunately the UI just doesn’t work on mobile Chrome.  I saw @Ben Muller leave a comment on Jul 21st but his mobile comment was one of several feedback points and wasn’t directly addressed.  This is a screenshot of what I see today.  It used to be worse, but I still can’t really navigate.
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Hey @Tim Chan, definitely. The UI team has seen this, and will keep it in mind.
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@Tim Chan we have long suspected that if we do a good job, one of the ways that would manifest is that people would check Prefect on mobile (which seemed like a crazy idea when we started)… delighted to hear that you’re one of them! We believe that a lot of the ongoing UI work will ensure a great mobile experience in the future, thanks for sharing this!
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