Hi All, Currently , What is the best way to add Se...
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Hi All, Currently , What is the best way to add Security(Authentication & Authorization) to prefect UI and API for open source version. Pls share you ideas and thoughts.
Hi @Gopinath Jaganmohan! We don’t really support authentication for server but we invite the community to chime in with their experience.
Thanks @Kevin Kho.
While we're waiting for Cloud approval, we're looking at using Traefik as a reverse proxy and putting auth middleware in to secure the Apollo and Dashboard endpoints while running everything else wide open in a separate Docker network. On the plus side, Traefik has some good auth middleware options and it all works pretty simply with Docker. On the downside, the documentation for Traefik is scarce and not straightforward. There are also two very different and incompatible versions of Traefik and its documentation floating around out there, so troubleshooting is a lot of guessing "is this for v1 or v2" which is less than ideal.
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Thanks @Nathan Walker. This would be good start for us