Feature Request: It would be useful to be able to ...
# prefect-ui
Feature Request: It would be useful to be able to select multiple flows from the Flows/grid view and perform an ad hoc Quick Run on all that are selected. The issue that I'm having is that I sometimes have 30-50 Flows that need to be ran ad hoc and cannot be scheduled quite yet. There's quite a bit of clicks and waiting for the UI to go into flows sequentially. For example, you need to click into each flow, click quick run, go back to the Project Overview (because it's the default), back to the Flows/grid view, then back into the next flow. If you have multiple pages, it defaults to page one with <15 flows so that also adds clicks. Similarly, I think it would also be useful to set Schedules on multiple flows at time because many of my flows (usually within a project) have the same schedule and it can be tedious to set all of them for similar reasons. If there's a concern with accidental runs or accidentally changing schedules, you could have this feature disabled by default and enabled by an admin, and you could also have a Modal/confirmation of flows that will be run/modified before actually running the flows.
Hi @DK - thanks for the suggestions. Could you open a feature request in the UI repo with your use case so we can make sure it doesn't get lost in slack and we can factor it into future UI work planning.