Alejandro A

09/29/2021, 12:54 PM
Hi! I have a question, when I schedule something in the UI it says "The Perfect Scheduler will only schedule 10 runs in advance", I am not sure why is it like that and what should I do if I wanted to, let's say, schedule flows for an entire month (must I do it from the code?)


09/29/2021, 1:32 PM
Hi @Alejandro A - The scheduler will still do a month of flow runs for you. It's just that only 10 runs at a time are created/enter in a scheduled state at a time. That message is a reminder in the calendar as only the next ten runs will appear (even if more are scheduled to be created later). You can read more about it here:
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Alejandro A

09/29/2021, 1:37 PM
Hi Jenny! Thanks that's great!