Hello All, I'm using prefect for a data cleansing...
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Hello All, I'm using prefect for a data cleansing task, but I use the local executor and local run, I also have restrction on using the cloud service, since I'm working with sensitive data. is there anyway to see the prefect dashboard locally ? Thanks in advance
@Ayah Safeen regarding sensitive data, I would encourage you to have a look at Prefect’s hybrid execution model - we never receive your code or data: • https://www.prefect.io/why-prefect/hybrid-model/https://docs.prefect.io/orchestration/faq/dataflow.html#how-is-data-persisted But if this doesn’t convince you, you can self host everything by using Prefect Server. But still keep in mind that Cloud is more secure and performant.
idk if it’s the proper way, but to just “debug” is working type on terminal: • pip install prefect • prefect backend server • prefect server start • prefect create project ‘my project’ • go to the UI on your script: • register your flow: ◦ your_flow.register(project_name=your_project_name) • and, instead of
(locally) use
and run in a different terminal (not the one you initiate the local server) (
from prefect.agent.local import LocalAgent
) • if the last option do not work, try
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