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Amogh Kulkarni

03/14/2022, 8:16 PM
Hi Prefect Team. I have a flow with tasks task1->task2->task3->task4. It is scheduled to run everyday and the flow runs just fine. But I want to use the UI to do the below activities once in a while. Can you let me know if I can do the below activities? 1. Sometimes I want to run just one task. Is it possible to run task3 from the UI? If yes, then how do I do that? 2. Assume that task2 has failed. If I run the flow once again, all the tasks will run from the beginning. Can I re-run the flow from the UI by ensuring that the tasks will run only from the failed task? i.e task1 will be skipped because it was successfully completed last time. the flow will run from task2 onwards.

Kevin Kho

03/14/2022, 8:20 PM
Hi @Amogh Kulkarni, you can’t run one task from the UI. You can only run Flows so you need to make task1 -> task2 -> task3 unto subflows that is then invoked by a main flow. Then you can just re-run from the main flow. This experience is not so friendly which is why in Orion (Prefect 2.0), subflows were changed and there is more first-class support that allows what you are asking for in number 2
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Amogh Kulkarni

03/14/2022, 8:27 PM
Thanks Kevin. I have followup questions. 1. Can I use either your graphql API or python prefect library to just run a task in between? 2. Will my prefect cloud account automatically be upgraded to Orion or do I have to get in touch with your sales team?

Anna Geller

03/14/2022, 8:41 PM
1. No, you can only manually trigger flow runs, not task runs 2. No, Orion is a new product and there will be a new Cloud page you will be able to sign up for (quite soon!) - if you get in touch with your sales contact they can certainly update you on that, but you can also follow up the #announcements channel or subscribe to announcements on Discourse
But if you run your flow locally, you can always comment out some tasks and only run the task you need within the Flow block, e.g.:
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with Flow("yourflow") as flow:

Amogh Kulkarni

03/16/2022, 1:11 AM
Thanks Anna