David Beck

03/08/2022, 10:22 PM
Hi Prefect Team! I'm looking to disable cloud logging since our implementation will be routing our logs via k8s directly to splunk. I tried setting an env value of
in our global container config which I see being recognized by Prefect Cloud, however there are logs still populating for the run (see attached). Do I perhaps have the wrong value defined or could I be missing something?

Kevin Kho

03/08/2022, 10:26 PM
That looks right so confused why it’s behaving like that. I can ask the team but you can also try the
on the agent when you start per this
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David Beck

03/08/2022, 10:29 PM
@Kevin Kho okay I thought I set that up correctly. Please let me know what the team says. I have to look into our CI/CD process to see if/how we can include that run flag. We are submitting scheduled flow runs, so I'd have to be sure that they are receiving the


03/08/2022, 10:55 PM
Hey David, the agent overrides this environment variable value with its own setting.
I’d accept a pull request to change this behavior to allow override as you’ve done. This isn’t intended behavior.
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Anna Geller

03/08/2022, 11:01 PM
@Marvin open "Allow disabling sending flow run logs on a per flow run basis via PREFECT__CLOUD__SEND_FLOW_RUN_LOGS environment variable"

David Beck

03/08/2022, 11:12 PM
Thanks @Zanie & @Anna Geller! I will follow that issue request and look to the work around for
in the mean time.