Hi all, I'm <Jacopo> from Coveo, in NYC. Sorry to ...
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Hi all, I'm Jacopo from Coveo, in NYC. Sorry to bother, but I thought the news would be interesting for members of this community (esp. ML practitioners), especially if you need new shiny excuses to build new data pipelines on Prefect 😉 DATA CHALLENGE AT SIGIR 2021 Tired of models “validated” on the MovieLens dataset that don’t work in practice? We are proud to host the Data Challenge at SIGIR eCom 2021. Teams are invited to join the challenge and propose novel ML solutions for recommendation and intent prediction in eCommerce: for the occasion, we reveal a unique dataset, with fine-grained anonymized shopping events (>30M), enriched by linguistic behavior and catalog meta-data. May the best MRR/F1 win! IMPORTANT LINKS Challenge Sign-up: https://sigir-ecom.github.io/data-task.html  Github: https://github.com/coveooss/SIGIR-ecom-data-challenge Data Challenge Paper (draft): https://arxiv.org/abs/2104.09423
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