holger brandl

05/29/2021, 7:55 PM
Hi there, I find it a bit confusing that when running the tutorial without a local prefect instance, it just works fine for me doing:
prefect backend server
I can spin it up without problems using
prefect server start
but I was just curious what would happen in the examples without, so I stopped it and ran into the issue. Am I doing it wrong or did I miss some important concept here?

Kevin Kho

06/04/2021, 11:59 PM
Hey @holger brandl! Sorry I missed this. Prefect core with
will still work without the backend. You need the backend to register. You also may not be aware Prefect Cloud has 10k free task runs per month, which saves you the pain of spinning server and is more than enough to get started with
This channel is mainly for introductions and we mainly watch the #prefect-community channel for support questions