Oliver Götze

07/14/2021, 7:49 AM
Hi all, I'm a data librarian (sort of ;)) at a state archive based in Germany, and responsible for preprocessing the metadata for the national archives portal. Prefect Core has been a brilliant solution for us so far, as it made it trivial for us to port our local preprocessing application (transforming potentially huge XML files with lxml) to a server. This way, we are able to process >40 data deliveries concurrently, and it allows us to have long-running processes executed on the server, e.g. overnight. We've been using this setup since November, and it proved to be really dependable and low-maintenance for us. The next step will be to expand it into a full web service, as the process configuration currently has to be done in the desktop app. So thanks for providing such a valuable tool as open source, and I'm looking forward to learning more here. ;)
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07/14/2021, 8:30 AM
Welcome @Oliver Götze - glad to hear Prefect Core is helping you!

Kevin Kho

07/14/2021, 1:42 PM
Hi @Oliver Götze! Welcome!


07/14/2021, 2:47 PM
Welcome! 👋