<!here> based on the convo from today’s Cantina I’...
# prefect-contributors
<!here> based on the convo from today’s Cantina I’m going to go ahead and set something up, targeting next week, on streaming/event driven flows for any contributors interested in a kick off/sync up. We will review some base assumptions/knowledge transfer, debate PIN 14, and figure out how to work together going forward. @Alex Cano and @Alexander Hirner in particular I’d love to make sure you both can attend since you’ve expressed interested before, and of course anyone else who wants to join. Hit me with 🔴 for next Tuesday at 4 EDT 🔵 for next Thursday at 4 EDT 🕶️ if you hate your choices
🔴 3
🕶️ 1
🔵 4
marvin 1
Blue pill it is! 🙂 Just sent a gcal invite for Thursday, I stalked you both on github for your emails LOL but let me know if you want the invite to be sent to a different account
Joining in ~5min
great see you soon!