Hey contributors! FYI I am hosting as Prefect this...
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Hey contributors! FYI I am hosting as Prefect this Saturday 12-4 EDT for Pycon’s Hatchery program “Mentored Sprints for Diverse Beginners”. If you want to stop by to sprint or to help mentor, check out the details at https://us.pycon.org/2020/hatchery/mentoredsprints/. It is designed to be super beginner friendly, and they are also looking for independent and/or git/github mentors if that is at all your jam. It is going to be hosted over discord which should be fun! If you’re so gung ho you want to be an ‘official’ mentor for Prefect for the Sunday event, LMK and I will add you to our roster, I think it gets you some extra discord role so people know they can reach out to you ✌️
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CORRECTION: Saturday, timezones are hard
Hi Laura! I could be a GitHub mentor if it's not too late
@Edidiong Etuk awesome! for Github Mentors I think they want you to sign up directly through https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfV4eiCDfPZO62_iZ_XEZJxbS5wrCfc8tHjfh4M04cF92XcDg/viewform (I think you can just fill out “Github Mentor” on all the required fields), but if they don’t get to you directly before tomorrow I can invite you to the discord server 👍