Did the tests for code formatting & mypy get r...
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Did the tests for code formatting & mypy get removed? I just realized after my vscode stopped auto-black formatting my code and it failed CI checks 😅
mypy and black don’t autorun with
, if that’s where you’re referring to, but do run in circleCI, if that answers your question. tbh in my case i run
myself whenever I remember, and don’t ever notice mypy until circleCI runs it :)
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I think they used to, right? Like there was a
file? I just know that I never notice if vscode stops auto-blackening the code before pushing. Any chance we could add these tests back in? Maybe have them be opt-in instead of opt-out?
ah ok, there is a test_formatting for server only that runs mypy and black locally. but your recent PR is for core is I think the confusion
Yea these were updated recently: https://github.com/PrefectHQ/prefect/pull/2525
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