Hey all, I was hoping to do a more synchronous cod...
# prefect-contributors
Hey all, I was hoping to do a more synchronous code review of this PR (allowing the
to handle a
state for flow concurrency limiting): https://github.com/PrefectHQ/prefect/pull/2741. Does anyone have time to pair on it later this week? I think I captured the changes where they were appropriate, but wanted a second pair of eyes & wanted to make sure it’d work with what’s planned on the cloud side.
yeeee im down though possibly @Zachary Hughes or @Jeremiah might be worth prioritizing on the sched
Yup! This looks good on the surface and I’ll give a full review shortly, happy to pair @Alex Cano
Sounds great! Thanks guys! I appreciate it! Jeremiah I’ll dm you about it
@Alex Cano this looks solid, I only had a minor comment for you. Let’s still pair later to discuss the other work, but nicely done
🙌 1
Sounds great, thanks for the feedback!