<@UN6FTLFAS> - yes we spoke on Saturday regarding ...
# prefect-contributors
@nicholas - yes we spoke on Saturday regarding that. I was thinking, is there some way we can create a completely new repo, or a new folder in the UI repo so that Windows users can contribute? So for example in the Apache Kafka repo (https://github.com/apache/kafka), in the bin folder, they have a separate folder 'windows' which contains windows specific '.bat' files, where as the other files in the bin folder are bash files.
Hi @Aditya Mandke - it seems the best solution would be for us to support a containerized development environment, rather than trying to maintain any number of specific platforms. I understand this isn't an ideal solution in your specific case but my worry is that we won't be able to adequately maintain any platform-specific implementations that we don't use internally for development; we will, however, always support Linux-based distros since that's what the Prefect team uses.
Okay. Understood. I just really really wanted to contribute to the ui part, thus the insistence 😅 . Anyway, I will try to contribute to some differrent aspect of Prefect!