Dear prefects, I have created a <pull request that...
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Dear prefects, I have created a pull request that is rather just a quick fix (just adding kwargs to a run method). Two questions: 1. Is this the right approach to suggest quick fixes? 2. I get an error that
import prefect
takes more than 1s. However, this can't be due to my small changes, can it? Background: I had problems with the
for the boto client. It seems like setting the
as kwarg of the secret manager's run method is the most elegant way of solving this issue. Therefore, I added the kwargs to the run method.
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Hi Robin, that test failure can happen periodically (if e.g. CircleCI's VMs are being slow), it's definitely unrelated. I've restarted the build. As for this being the right approach, it certainly is for submitting PRs (thanks for the fix!). I'm not sure about the actual PR itself, will have to give it a review.
OK, got it. Maybe worth it to check whether there is a possibility for automatic rerun if that test failed... 🙂 OK, thanks for the feedback, I will PR again if I encounter other possible quick fixes.
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