Hi there :wave: In an attempt to get more familiar...
# prefect-contributors
Hi there 👋 In an attempt to get more familiar with Prefect, I thought I’d look at open issues and just add what little I can. I fixed an issue but I am wondering what the standard way to contribute is. Following the development guide, I’m just at the last step of opening a pull request from my forked repo back into Prefect. Do I make the base branch
or is there a different branch I should use? For context i’m fixing issue 3318 and my fixes are in my branch.
I looked at some other PRs and it seemed pretty straight forward. Here’s mine: https://github.com/PrefectHQ/prefect/pull/3426
Nice - thanks for the PR Tenzin! We will take a look and try to get it in the next release 😁
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for sure, sounds good! 👍