Hello, What postgress schema does prefect 2.0 use?...
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Hello, What postgress schema does prefect 2.0 use? Can we use different. Schema?
Hi Amol, is there an issue you are trying to solve with doing this? Prefect 2 comes with SQLite by default and I think you can get the base schema from there, I’m not 100% sure if it’s openly shared, but I can try to find out
Amol, just to clarify: are you asking about the Postgres schema name Prefect uses?
Yes I like to know what schema name prefect uses?
I am having issue as in setup we don't have public schema and we have to create one and use it.
I just tested and verified that Prefect 2 will use whichever schema is the default for the user you specify in the connection string (which you can change by altering the Postgres user's
). But note that the Postgres schema you use will need to have the pg_trgm extension added (or it needs to be added to another schema that is included in the user's
We should put this in the docs