# prefect-community

Aaron Ash

08/25/2022, 12:18 AM
Hi All, We've recently upgraded to prefect orion and moved from dask to ray. (Everything running on kubernetes in AWS EKS). Most things are working smoothly but we're hitting intermittent errors
ValueError: Path /root/.prefect/storage/<GUID> does not exist
sometimes. What I suspect is happening is a task is failing and a different ray worker node is attempting to retry it, seeing that the result was already serialized to disk and trying to read it from the cache. Except that the cache was on a separate node and doesn't exist locally. With Prefect 1.0 we were using S3Result() for all of our tasks which worked really nicely. It looks like there's currently no equivalent for orion. Are there any plans to add that functionality back in? Is there a good work around we can use in the meantime?