# prefect-community

Tom Klein

08/23/2022, 2:11 PM
Question about Prefect 1.0 memory usage: there seems to be some kind of memory leak even though each task is run as an isolated Shell task that completely exits once it’s done ----- what could be the cause of this?
this is what our flow looks like:
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snow_account = PrefectSecret('SNOWFLAKE_ACCOUNT')
    snow_user = PrefectSecret('SNOWFLAKE_USER')
    snow_pass = PrefectSecret('SNOWFLAKE_PASSWORD')
    snow_role = PrefectSecret('SNOWFLAKE_ROLE')
    snow_warehouse = Parameter("SNOWFLAKE_WAREHOUSE", default="SERVICE")
    query = get_fetch_accounts_query()
    accounts_data = snowflake_query(
    saved = save_as_csv(MAIN_INPUT_FILE_PATH, accounts_data)
    historic_vertical = Parameter("HISTORIC_VERTICAL")
    variant = Parameter("VARIANT")
    chunks = split_csv(file=saved, rowsize=1000)
    run_outputs =, unmapped(historic_vertical), unmapped(variant))
all we do here is : • pull some data from snowflake • save it as a CSV • split it into many smaller ones • give the smaller CSV array to a (wrapped) shell task function to map over we run with LocalDaskExecutor and 4 workers
Also - • we run the workers as
(simply the default for
) • the wrapped shell-task doesn’t actually return anything • the shell task itself just internally stores some processed results in S3, without returning anything
just updating in any case anyone cares (though no one seems to) --- the “leak” is not a leak at all — when containers run in k8s with no well-defined storage, apparently they extend their storage using a virtual disk into RAM memory so if a lot of files are being downloaded, they persist in-memory in the dask worker, and don’t evaporate additional evidence for this was obtained in a subsequent run, that did not download that much data - but ran the same logic - and completed without running into any evictions or “memory leaks”