Hi everyone, :wave: I'm participant ongoing data t...
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Hi everyone, 👋 I'm participant ongoing data talks/mlops-zoomcamp and we're using prefect for workflow orchestration. I'm aware there new release. Fully readed changelogs and prefect 2.0 guides. But I'm having problem prefect deployment with mlflow artifacts. When I run my training script(with prefect task/flow) artifacts saves without any problem. But when I create deployment and start agent mlflow doesn't saves artifacts. Agent shows my all tasks and flow without any error. Happy new release! 🎉
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Hi yusuf! Can you talk a little bit more about your use case? More details about what your flow does would be helpful as well for troubleshooting. Also- you may need to educate me on what the artifacts are that you are referring to. Thanks!
Hi @Bianca Hoch my flow looks like this: When I run my script as python script mlflow does saves artifacts without problem. But when I create deployment and start agent, mlflow doesn't saves artifacts. And there is no error in agent logs for task and flows. I followed this guide for deployment: https://docs.prefect.io/tutorials/deployments/#build-a-deployment sorry my weird english. Isn't my first language 🙂 Also I don't think issue is not mlflow because there is clean_path function that does not execute either.
for deployment I was using these command:
prefect deployment build train.py:register -n dep_model -q build
prefect deployment apply register-deployment.yaml
prefect deployment run register/dep_model
prefect agent start -q build