Thomas Agung Santoso

08/12/2022, 6:31 AM
Hello all. I have trouble when deploy prefect orion in kubernetes. I'm using helm to deploy the stack with ingress enabled. I use ingress path to orion service, but the UI still request static files (.js, .css) to domain.mycompany/<static-files> and not to<static-files> , is that something wrong??
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I have tried to build the image myself and set ORION_UI_SERVE_BASE="/orion/" in Dockerfile. the UI successfully request to<static-files> but the UI not showing and chrome console get error.

Christopher Boyd

08/12/2022, 8:59 PM
What’s your ingress config look like? Your ingress controller should have a route path - it’s possible that the base path is too specific , in which case it matches your routes to orion, but not the content requests underneath it
If you have an example of your ingress config, and the routes
I don’t think you should need to be configuring or building a custom image though. Generally your ingress with a generic route to the service should be all that is required here
You probably need something along the lines of:
<|>: "true"
    <|>: /