Hi all, I'm migrating from 1.0 to 2.0. I successfu...
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Hi all, I'm migrating from 1.0 to 2.0. I successfully went through deployment steps a)
prefect deployment build ...
and b)
prefect deployment apply ...
prefect deployment run ...
runs successfully. I've created the work queue and the agent is running, but scheduled flows are not being executed, instead at time X they change their state from
. The work queue is empty (!). What could be the problem?
Hi @Alexander Belikov, firstly what version of prefect are you on? a couple things that could be the issue here: • you might have tag(s) (e.g. dev, prod) on either the workqueue or deployment, but not the same exact set of tags on both • you might have restricted the work queue to look at certain deployments happy to troubleshoot with you more if these things are not the case
Hi Nate, I'm on 2.0.4. I have the same tag on queue and on the flow. A priori i haven't introduced any restrictions. Thank you!
hmm, what type of runtime infrastructure are you using? I'm wondering what the agent logs look like
Hi @Alexander Belikov, I seem to have reproduced this issue this may be a bug related to recent development on deployments I've raised this internally and will update this thread when I know more
I'm using the default infrastructure
. I don't have agent logs at hand, as I was staring the agent manually and sending it the background, but the log was quite inconspicuous. I will reproduce it a bit later. With respect to infrastructure - do the defaults work, or is it necessary to create
thank you!
I think I figured this out~, what version of prefect are you using in the environment where your agent is running?~ can you try destroying the venv where the agent process is running from and recreate it with prefect 2.0.4?
with respect to your infra blocks question, no you don't need to create any blocks, prefect will use
runtime infra block by default unless you specify otherwise
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thank you, I wiped the venv, rechecked the port-forwarding and now my flows are able to run schedule!
I have encountered another problem though, related to the use
. Shall I describe it in a new thread?