Emil Ordoñez

08/11/2022, 5:27 AM
Hello Team. I have a question regarding Radar. I'm creating a bunch of pairs of "get_x" and "sum_task" tasks each "sum_task" is dependent on a "get_x" instance. Everything is running as expected, but the strange thing is on the Radar: • I would expect every "get_x" task on the same level or circle • then every "sum_task" on their own level or circle. But what I'm getting is: • "get_x" tasks are on random levels. I would understand this, but next read point • only first "get_x" run appears with no dependency, later "get_x" executions appear as if they depend on "sum_task" tasks I'm attaching a screenshot of the Radar UI rendered (Funny Run name "perfect-chicken"). Here's the code I'm running:
from prefect import task, flow, get_run_logger

def get_x(x: int=1):
    return x

def sum_task(x: int=1, y: int=2):
    return x + y

def flow_exec(init: int=1, end: int=4):
    x1 = get_x(i)
    sum1 = sum_task(x1)

    i = i+1
    sum2 = sum_task(x2)
    i = i+1
    sum3 = sum_task(x3)
    i = i+1
    sum4 = sum_task(x4)

I've coded in this ways (Xn variables) instead of appending variables to a list for simplifying the code. This is just a simple equivalent recreation of a real use case that I have that consists of iterating through a list of flows and running them from Prefect instead of using the integrated scheduler on I'm having this same issue on my real case. I'm putting this here to see if you can help me understand this Radar UI, maybe I'm just not getting the whole idea, or maybe I can help troubleshooting or providing ideas. Sorry for the long text, I just wanted to be very explicit.

Josh Furlin

08/11/2022, 3:39 PM
Hello! Thanks for reaching out. This is currently expected behavior, although we admit it's not as intuitive at we'd like it to be. We've taken note of your feedback, and will consider this case as we further develop the radar view
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Khuyen Tran

08/11/2022, 8:14 PM
We are actively working in it, and the problem should be fixed soon:
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