08/11/2022, 4:09 AM
So I was reflecting on my conversation with Bill Schmarzo particularly on why most practitioners don’t get invited to business meetings. My top two lessons are that 1. we need to change our language and we MUST find a revenue connection with everything we do and 2. if we jump to implementation we don’t give people the space to share the context of what they are trying to do, and our data product will be useless. Among many things we talked about: 1. What it means to be a data leader 2. How to speak business language 3. How to find revenue connections with what we do 4. How to think like a designer to create great products 5. The missed opportunities when we jump to implementation 6. How to get people comfortable sharing what’s not working 7. The two sides of design thinking 8. The immense business benefits of capturing, maintaining, and sharing knowledge and more 9. I just released this on my website, it’s episode 039 of the Discovering Data podcast 👇
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Anna Geller

08/11/2022, 9:58 AM
Thanks for sharing!


08/11/2022, 8:53 PM
Thanks! This looks v interesting 👀