Ilya Galperin

08/10/2022, 11:03 PM
The changes in 2.0.4 surrounding deployments/infrastructure blocks seem like a great step in the right direction! What is the plan for adding something similar for being able to access arguments above the infrastructure level that we’d want to also build CD processes around, specifically
? Right now, it seems like we can only adjust these manually inside the deployment files or the Orion UI. This was available using
modules in 1.0. Is there an equivalent for 2.0 that lets us maintain our our parameters/scheduled run times in code, and not just in the UI or manually after the deployment manifest is built? Thank you!
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Matt Conger

08/10/2022, 11:44 PM
Thanks! @Ilya Galperin We're just getting started on what you will be able to do with deployments and with Prefect 2.0 in general. At this time the best method is either using either the UI or updating the deployment YAML. I've attached our documentation on these steps below.
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Ilya Galperin

08/10/2022, 11:49 PM
Thank you Matt! Can you preview whether there are planned changes to add this functionality (or a different solution altogether)? Would it be wise to hold off on building CD processes around manually editing deployment files with regards to schedules and parameters for now?
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