Hi everyone, I have a question about the the inten...
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Hi everyone, I have a question about the the intended use of the
flag. My understanding is that it skips the step of uploading the flow file to the configured storage location. Is it intended to support the use case of having the flow file added to a Docker image rather than remote storage like GCS or S3?
it will be removed in the release today we all realized it was confusing, incl. you
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all the info that was put into this JSON file got moved into YAML, so you have a single manifest now - you can check the main branch if you're curious
and yes, support for baking flow code into Docker image is coming very soon
thanks @Anna Geller! So, uploading to the remote storage (GCS for us) will still be the expected experience until baking the flow into the Docker image is officially supported?
both will work, up to you to choose
oh okay, thank you!
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