Hi, I am trying out prefect 2 to schedule flows. I...
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Hi, I am trying out prefect 2 to schedule flows. I want to dynamically schedule a flow with different input arguments and schedules (using api or python client) through code. Should I create deployment for each combination (input and schedule)? Earlier we are using
object for creating flows, now it is deprecated. Is there any other way to run flows dynamically with schedule. Haven't found any way to run flows dynamically through code.
Hi Gaurav, having the ability to create deployments in Python will be added back as an additional option. This addition should be coming this month. The client is a good option for right now, as it will always be, to dynamically create deployments, flowruns, etc. We’ve gotten a number of request to make this easier. We hear you. Our engineers are currently working on improving the experience of building deployments with a variety of schedules and parameters. Keep an eye out for these updates coming this month. (Defining builds in python mentioned above is one among many improvements to come)
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Thanks Taylor
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