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Hi @Neil Natarajan, you cannot call flows (or tasks) from within other tasks, but you can: • call flows within flows (nesting as deeply as needed) • call tasks within flows here are some docs on subflow patterns (as they're now referred to in Prefect 2.0)
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Thank you! is the same possible in prefect core 1.x? any advice would be appreciated including weighing pros and cons of upgrading to 2.0 vs getting this to work in 1.x with hacks
Hey @Neil Natarajan short answer is yes, but 1.0 is more restrictive in how it's implemented. This article outlines some of the differences between the two: https://discourse.prefect.io/t/migrating-to-prefect-2-0-from-flow-of-flows-to-subflows/1318 in general if you're getting started with Prefect I'd say it's better to focus on 2.0 as we move forward with it.
work with prefect core @Mason Menges
the flow registration part seemed foreign to me as I have been working with core only
I will probably start investing into migrating to prefect 2.0 but in the meantime I am trying to unblock prefect 1.x flows that my project uses