Hi! I suddenly get a strange intermittent failure ...
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Hi! I suddenly get a strange intermittent failure on one of my flows:
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Error during execution of task: ValueError('A secret name must be provided.')
The secret task runs for 18 minutes (?) and it downstream tasks succeeds somehow, see image. I am on Prefect 1.2.4
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Hi Andreas, you mentioned that this error is intermittent, so the PrefectSecret does work sometimes?
Just asking for clarification, as this may be an issue related to the Prefect Secrets API.
Yes exactly, the case with empty secret name is not possible with my code
If possible, could you try adding retries to your PrefectSecret?
PrefectSecret("YOUR_SECRET", max_retries=3, retry_delay=timedelta(seconds=5))
will try thanks
I get the same problem
Would you mind opening a GitHub issue that describes what you are experiencing? Our engineers will be able to take it from there. When creating the issue, select 'Report a bug' and add the "v1" tag to it as well.