Not sure if it's just me, but I find it's very dis...
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Not sure if it's just me, but I find it's very disorganising when subflows showing up the same level with main flows in "Flows" section in the UI, it's just like sub-folders listing at the same level with root folder. My main flow creates multiple subflows, everytime main flow runs the UI gets ugly. It would be great if the UI just displays main flow, then there's an option to show its subflows. When I need to delete a main flow, all its subflows will be deleted too, rather than deleting main flow, then subflows, one by one. Something like this ...
Thanks for feedback; there are tradeoffs to consider here since a subflow is essentially a flow - same as any flow, and the relationship to a parent flow is more of an extra bookkeeping feature for better composability, workflow lineage and bookkeeping/modularity, but having the option to filter out subflows is a reasonable request. Let's open a feature request for it to explore whether/how this would be possible @Marvin open "Explore the option of filtering out subflows in the main flow runs page (i.e., only listing parent flow runs)"
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awesome, thanks @Anna Geller main flow looks nice with @task as parts of its run history. But because my main flow involves using Dask client and some other async function (main flow called with
, using @task will get errors ... something like : Future is not in the same process etc. switch the method to @flow will fix the problem. but UI gets a bit disorganising.
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