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Code Contest At Empiric, weโ€™re a IOT platform for industrial manufacturing. We utilize prefect as our distributed job scheduler. Our infrastructure utilizes AWS ECS, running prefect 2.0. The system resources are controlled via AWS CDK, making it easy for teams to launch their own stack of job orchestration system, or run on the central company infra. Below, one of our flows is responsible for performing vibration analysis on sensor data from machines out in the field. The flow can process multiple days of data from multiple sensors, and utilizes sub-flows for each individual sensor & day combination. For tasks, we abstract the logic into individual classes, allowing for a decoupling of the logic from underlying prefect tasks. This simplifies testing as well, as our unit-tests have no prefect related dependencies.
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@Cole Murray This looks like a really interesting setup. If you would like to contribute a blog post or a simplified redacted code repository showing your setup with AWS CDK and ECS Prefect 2.0 configuration, this would be super valuable to the community