I am not sure whether I am the only one facing the...
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I am not sure whether I am the only one facing the issue, but how can u deploy prefect orion permanently without using the cloud solution? In 1.0 it was fairly easy to adjust the docker-compose file. Now, I can run the orion server on our inhouse-cluster or a cloud-vm, but since I am not able to docker-compose it (somehow the communication between the db and orion is prevented although they are in the same network) , whenever the command line closes, where the server is start from, the server shuts down. Same for the agent. Maybe I completely miss something here?
That was gold! Thanks Florian. Just to clarify: I included the
as an
variable in the docker-compose file pointing to the Host address, i.e. instead of localhost/ to I also changed it in the
prefect config set ...
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