Is it possible to start multiple agents from the c...
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Is it possible to start multiple agents from the command line by only informing the tag? For example, If I execute:
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prefect agent start -t test
I can see that a new “Work Queue” is added to the UI (
Agent queue test
) But if I start a new agent (on another tab) with the same command, the UI keeps the same. Is this the expected behavior? Would it be possible to add a
parameter on the start command to allow starting multiples agents to consume the same tag?
I believe it's only creating a new queue because it can't find an existing one with matching tags. The second time you run the command, it is able to find an existing queue. Both agents are listening to the same queue.
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Also Will, if you are trying to spin up lots of work-queues you could try using
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Thanks @Oscar Björhn for the clarification 🙂 Awesome! Thanks a lot @Taylor Curran for this link, I was not aware of this prefect.client interface 🤓
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