Georvic Tur

08/04/2022, 3:56 PM
Hi, Community. Thank you a lot for your help in advance. I have a question related to an issue we have seen in the past. I will proceed to describe the situation: 1. Suppose the there is a parent flow P with version 1 and a child flow C with version 1. They run daily. 2. The parent flow invokes the child flow through StartFlowRun. 3. Suppose P1 is running and it is about to execute C1. 4. However, all flow are re-registered sequentially. The end result is that P2 and C2 become available. 5. The StartfFlow task for C1 remained in a pending state and then there was a TriggerFailed error. 6. C did not register any new Flow Run. 7. Agents did not receive any information on C. So, I was wondering if concurrency problems are possible if flows of flows are running and suddenly new versions are registered for all of them.
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