Question: We are looking for a pipeline orchestrat...
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Question: We are looking for a pipeline orchestrator and I have been testing prefect. I had a very good experience following the deployment docs, but one thing has me a bit confused; I was testing out the flow versioning feature by sending a TERM signal to the agent while it was running a flow, and it seems this leaves the flow in running state indefinitely (or pending, depending on when I interrupt the agent). I am following for the agent setup, and what I see seems similar to the issue described here, so I went looking for docker or kubernetes agents. However, I'm not finding anything for prefect v2; Am I doing something horribly wrong? What is the best practice with regards to handling hanging flows due to issues on the agent side?
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Hello Jonas, here is a good article for deploying prefect agents on kubernetes
In regard to best practices for handling hanging flows, I will need to do a bit of research and get back to you!
Thanks! I followed a link in that article and found a hint regarding docker/kubernetes here: Namely
prefect deployment build
takes a cli arg
which can be set to docker. In this case, I think it is safe for me to assume that issue #2834 that I linked above is an exact match for the behaviour I am seeing, right?
Hi Jonas, sorry for the delayed response. Yes, I do believe that the issue you linked is a match to the behavior that you are seeing. If you're inclined to do so, I'd recommend opening a new issue in GitHub or commenting on the original post with a description of what you're encountering.
In regards to best practice with handling hanging flows, I've seen that a proactive approach tends to fair better than a reactive approach. Proactive: ensuring that ample computational resources are available in your k8s infrastructure to prevent flows from hanging. Reactive: checking the agent logs / container logs to see what caused the job to be interrupted/hang. A lot of a documentation for this exists for Prefect 1.0, but more documentation will be available 2.0 going in to the future (definitely continue to check Discourse for this). Stay tuned!
got it, thanks for getting back!